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Nerf Battle Missions

Here are some of the popular game modes or missions that can be played at a Nerf War party:
- Team Deathmatch (Elimination):
Simple rules: Hit your opponents and avoid getting hit yourself.

- Capture the Flag:
Each team must retrieve an opponent's flag from their base and bring it back to their home base.

- Attack and Defend:
The objective of the attackers (attacking team) is to reach a predetermined area defended by the defenders (defending team) before time runs out. They can also win by eliminating all defenders. The objective of the defenders is to defend the area before the time runs out.
- Double VIP:
Each team has a VIP (Very Important Person) and must attempt to keep them alive.
- Humans vs Zombies (HvZ):
Also known as Infection. Survive the zombie apocalypse!

- Free for All:
This is a game where everybody is your enemy! You may form alliances but beware, they may betray you! Last person standing wins!


Laser Strike Battle Missions

Some of the game modes or missions that you can play with the Laser Strike:
- Team Deathmatch (Elimination):
Similar to the Nerf version however each person has 3 life bars as indicated by their Laser Strike gun. A variation of the game allows you to play with a "medic" and/or "sentry" in the battlefield.

- Capture the Base:
Capture enemy base by shooting at the Strike Targets.

- Domination:
Dominate the Intelligent Targeting System (I.T.S.) by shooting at it 5 times consecutively.

- Control Points:
Teams fight over several control points (represented by the Strike Targets).

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