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  • Booking is only confirmed once payment is received.

  • Session times may vary. For example, we may start early if everyone has arrived for a given session.

  • Please arrive about 10 minutes prior to your booking so we can start on time.

  • Each session is approximately 10 minutes long and there is a 10-minute gap between sessions to allow for quick briefing and for players to swap.

  • You can bring your own Nerf blaster(s) but no heavy/extreme internal modifications allowed. Do note that if you bring your own darts, they may get mixed up, lost or otherwise damaged. Please either mark your own darts or leave your darts at home.

  • Cancellation policy: you may cancel up to 48 hours prior to event date in order to receive full refund.

  • If event is cancelled or postponed for any reason, any payment made will be fully refunded.

  • You agree to listen to the referee (operator) for game and safety rules and adhere to them.

  • You agree to respect other people (fellow players or spectators) and their property, including our equipment.

  • We reserve the right to eject any player from the activities if they do not adhere to these rules or any other communicated rules on the day. No refund will be given in this instance.

  • You agree that the activities involved may require physical and mental exertion and you understand that there are certain inherent risks associated with the activities and the possibility of injury to yourself or others.

  • You agree to indemnify Celsius Solutions Limited (trading as Nerfun) and its operator(s), director(s), shareholder(s) as well as owner(s) of the property at which the activities may be conducted against all claims, liabilities, damages, costs and expenses that may arise from your, your family's, relatives' or friends' use of the equipment provided.

  • You agree that you will not deliberately misuse any equipment including but not limited to the toys, accessories and inflatables and you must return all provided equipment at the end of the activities to Nerfun.

  • You consent to us using your name, photographs or videos as well as other participants' for promotional and/or marketing purposes.

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