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Nerf Blasters

Please note that not all blasters are necessarily available on the day. Please let us know in advance if there is a specific blaster you want to play with.
For Laser Strike blasters, click here.

N-Strike Elite Firestrike

N-Strike Elite Strongarm

Zombie Strike Hammershot

Nerf N-Strike Elite Surgefire

X-Shot Turbo Fire

X-Shot Reflex 6

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Laser Strike Blasters

Assault Striker Orange

Assault Striker Yellow

Assault Striker Red

Strike Target

These targets can be used to sharpen your skills. Just aim and shoot! If your shot hits them, they will change colour to your team's colour. Perfect for game missions such as Capture the Base or Control Points.

I.T.S. (Intelligent Targeting System)

Now this is a target that's, well, intelligent. It has 3 different modes: sentry mode (scans enemies and blasts them), bomb mode (sends out explosive bursts of damage to enemies) and medic mode (renegerates health). It can even rotate to give you additional challenge!

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