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Gear up soldier!

Everything you need for a Nerf war party will be provided so you don't need to worry about anything else. This includes:

- Nerf blasters and darts/bullets

- Team jerseys

- Tactical vests

- Glasses

- Inflatable bunkers/barriers for cover


All you need to do is brush up on those aiming skills!

What's the occasion?

Is it a birthday? Is it a team building exercise? Need an idea for your school holiday programme? Or is there simply a score to settle? No matter the occasion, Nerf wars will surely leave a lasting impression!


Your mission...

should you choose to accept it... Well, there are various missions you get to play, from the classic Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag to Free For All and Humans vs Zombies!

Mobile Nerf battle

We're mobile so we can come to your location or your preferred location, either indoor or outdoor. Nerf wars can happen just about anywhere, from your own home to parks, school halls and school grounds.


Laser Strike

Laser Strike battle

As well as Nerf, Laser Strike is sure a fun way to blast your enemies, especially at night or in low-light environments where you can see the awesome lights on the guns. You can also hear the cool sound effects.


Cool Laser blasters

Play with one of three different cool Laser Strike guns! Each one is equipped with all sorts of goodies such as a selection of different weapons types, a health indicator, a shield button, sensors (so you don't have to put on one of those bulky vests) and more.


Target shooting

Practise your shots at these targets. They light up too when they get shot. There are also smart targets that can have one of three different functions: a sentry/turret, a medic or a bomb.


Special missions

Play special game missions such as Capture the Base with a sentry/turret defending your base, Team Deathmatch with a Medic and Capture Intel for weapon upgrades!

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